Experiencing Miami: King Tides

One of the things I regret from my first year living in Driftwood, TX is not stopping my always-busy routine to take pictures of the intriguing new scenes that would pop up on my drive to and from Austin. I kept thinking “I will take this picture next fall when it happens again and setup an EPIC shot around this.” But then next fall came and went and I never made the time, and very soon after that, the commencement of years worth of road construction took away the pristine scenery.

Fast forward to Miami. We moved to Miami in August, and just two months in, the weather is changing and intriguing new scenes are popping up around us! So this time I vow to stop and take the pictures. Below, I present to you the flooding in Brickell that happens with the fall King Tides.


Loving the lightning

Lightning strikes in the distance behind Brickell Key and the Port of Miami

We moved in to our Miami apartment at the beginning of this month, and the view from our new balcony has proved more entertaining than the television. Last night, I kept making my husband pause our stories on the tv so that I could setup my Nikon D610 on the balcony to capture the lightning storm. The hardest part is that whenever I take the time to get everything properly setup for an optimal lightning catch, the lightning ends! I did manage to get this little guy though before the lightning show completely ended.

360° Images

I created a Virtual Tour

Our Driftwood, Texas home is on the market so that we can move to Miami for my new Head of HR job.  Even though I didn’t have time to do the real estate photos for our listing, I decided to buy a 360 degree camera and try my hand at creating a virtual tour.  Creating the virtual tour was actually a faster process than photographing the home with a regular camera, particularly since there was very little “post processing” (editing).  The only complication was that I didn’t realize before taking all of the pictures the first time that Zillow requires you to take them through their mobile App while it is connected to the camera.  Luckily, my Ricoh Theta V camera was one of the very few that Zillow supports!

Zillow Virtual Tour Screenshot

Now on Instagram!

Instagram and I didn’t get off to the quickest start.  Which must seem weird…a photographer who hates a social platform built on photos??  But I just didn’t get it.  And I still don’t get Twitter.  But Facebook became MySpace and my news feed got filled with click-bait and politics instead of interesting updates about my friends.  So I downloaded Instagram and decided to just keep posting stuff until I learn to like it.  I even used a hashtag last week.  So come say hi.

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